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My audio career began as an on-air music host at Seattle’s 90.3 KEXP (formerly KCMU on the University of Washington campus) and continued with a studio internship at the former 103.7 FM, The Mountain. Although ultimately I did not pursue broadcasting, I was hooked on the idea of using my voice in some creative way. After narrating a few internal Boeing corporate videos, I decided to pursue voicing and producing audiobooks. Check out my results so far! If you are looking for voice talent for your next audiobook, drop me a line through my contact page. Let’s talk!

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Written by Jay Bradford, narrated and produced by Justin Sewall


When the Chinese assassinate a lawyer at a treaty signing, undercover agent Jackson Crow is summoned before the ink and blood have dried. His young associate, Lily Sun, knows too much about the agreement and about the victim. Now the Chinese want Lily dead. The White House wants her quiet - and Jackson is the only one who can protect her.


Jackson must decide whether to obey orders or break them to keep Lily safe. His hidden cryptocurrency network delves deep into what only presidents are meant to know. It will take every resource Jackson has to piece together the digital clues—from Washington to Tokyo and Beijing—to stop the next assassination from triggering a war.

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