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I don’t believe in coincidences. So after receiving an email opportunity to do voice-over work, a mere ten minutes after telling coworkers I was interested in doing just that… Well let’s just say my curiosity was piqued. But how did that end up with me writing books? That, as they say, is another long and tortured tale. Suffice it to say, it ignited my literary aspirations.

SUPERLUMINAL Second Cover.jpg


Hyperspace. Subspace. Folding space. Star gates. Warp speed. Light speed. The universe is a big place, so faster-than-light propulsion is absolutely necessary for getting around quickly in any sci-fi adventure. Some sci-fi stories plod along at sub-light speeds – and that’s fine. But the ones in this collection get you from beginning to end in less time than it takes light from the Sun to reach the Earth. Now that’s fast! So sit down, strap in, and prepare for sci-fi at the speed of imagination. SUPERLUMINAL!

Microwaves Revised Cover.jpg


Prepare to be Microwaved! From outer space to inner space, Microwaves is a collection of sci-fi short stories that ranges from the silly to the serious. So whether you have five minutes or fifty, prepare to launch into a galaxy of the strange, fantastic and unbelievable.

cerulean rising evolutions.png
Book two of the Cerulean Rising series.

Emerson's life is in chaos. Trapped in circumstances beyond his control, he must match wits
against the sinister forces closing in around him. Facing challenges greater than he has ever known, Emerson's loyalty and love will be tested with a choice that could alter the entire course of the war against a fierce enemy.

cerulean rising beginnings.png


Book one of the Cerulean Rising series.

There are those who are natural born leaders. Others are forged in the fiery crucible of battle. Some are just built that way. Emerson Avery was already exceptional, when suddenly, events would conspire to thrust the mantle of leadership into his young hands. Stationed at a secret military facility on the edge of human controlled space, the war was simply a fact of life. But in one fateful moment, Emerson’s world would be torn apart, changing his destiny and the future of the entire galaxy forever.

Future is Short.jpg


Experience the power of flash fiction in Jot Russell’s, The Future is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash! New and established authors try their hands at writing to monthly prompts, vying for the coveted title of Science Fiction Microstory Contest Champion. Are you up for the challenge?


Enjoy works by Justin Sewall, S. M. Kraftchak, Jack McDaniel, Andrew Gurcak, Chris Nance, Paula Friedman, Jeremy Lichtman, Tom Olbert, Marianne Petrino, John Appius Quill, Greg Krumrey, Jot Russell, C. Lloyd Preville, Joseph Minart, Rejoice Denhere, Jeremy McLain

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