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I'll be honest - I may not have a lot of news to report all the time. That said, whenever I do, it will be right here. Waiting for you. And everyone else. Read on!

Audiobook version of Cerulean Rising: Evolutions goes live


Book two of the Cerulean Rising Series is now available as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes!

Emerson's life is in chaos. Trapped in circumstances beyond his control, he must match wits against the sinister forces closing in around him. Facing challenges greater than he has ever known, Emerson's loyalty and love will be tested with a choice that could alter the entire course of the war against the Triven.

SUPERLUMINAL: Sci-Fi at the Speed of Imagination
available now!


This holiday season I’d like to recommend a little “light” reading. SUPERLUMINAL: Sci-Fi at the Speed of Imagination, is my latest collection of sci-fi short stories available now on Amazon in paperback and e-book formats. Some sci-fi stories plod along at sub-light speeds – and that’s fine. But the ones in this collection get you from beginning to end in less time than it takes light from the Sun to reach the Earth. Now that’s fast! So grab your copy now and prepare to make the mental jump into hyperspace. Thanks for listening and happy reading!

Audiobook version of Cerulean Rising: Beginnings available now!


Despite the five year head start of the Cerulean Rising: Beginnings e-book, I'm pleased to announce the audiobook version is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. This book was written, narrated and produced by me, and represents dozens and dozens of studio hours plus editing work, not to mention the original time spent writing this novella five years ago. I’m absolutely thrilled to have achieved this milestone!! If you haven't read it yet - or even if you have - pick it up and give it a listen! 

MICROWAVES e-book and paperback drops Dec. 1


Microwaves gives you sci-fi fast with a collection of short stories, each no longer than 750 words. So whether you have five minutes or fifty, Microwaves takes you to outer space, inner space and every point in-between with adventures ranging from the silly to the serious. Check it out on the BOOKS page.

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