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Reaching 300

There is something about even numbers that – at least to me – makes them natural milestones. Back in February I celebrated 200 audiobook sales. When I logged into my ACX account today, December 1, 2019, I discovered I had finally reached the 300 milestone. Sure, the rate of sales isn’t exactly faster-than-light but hey, it took Voyager 2 a mere 42 years to reach interstellar space and nobody’s criticizing it for being slow. One must simply make a little progress every day and oh the places you’ll go.

Back on Earth I’m currently working on producing Jack McDaniel’s Purple Hearted Man. It’s scheduled to release summer 2020 and you can listen to the first chapter here - I hope you’ll check it out. If you haven’t listened to any of my audiobooks, I invite you to drop by my website ( and check out the available audio clips.

On to 400!

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