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Double-barreled December

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

A happy convergence in the space-time continuum leads to dual releases this December.

Two releases for December!

With my production time at a premium for both voice-over and written projects, I found myself in the middle of November with two new books to launch. While I had been working steadily on the audiobook version of Cerulean Rising: Beginnings, I was not expecting to publish another e-book and paperback at the same time.

Word count critical mass I have been writing sci-fi short stories as part of a monthly competition on for the past two years. When I started, I knew it was with the ultimate goal of producing a collection for publication. On a whim I decided to see if I had written enough to make a worthwhile book - and I had. Thus Microwaves came into being.

Give'em both barrels Now I'm absolutely thrilled (and relieved) to present the first audiobook of my own work, produced and narrated by me AND my latest written work. So whether you prefer listening to your sci-fi, tapping on an e-reader or flipping through a paperback - I've got you covered. Best wishes for 2019, and thanks for reading!

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