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Changing (audio) tracks

Welcome to the rage of life...

Since January I've been producing the audiobook version of my second sci-fi novella, Cerulean Rising: Evolutions. I've made steady progress with nearly 50 percent complete. However, I am now pushing the "pause" button on my personal project and taking up another on behalf of my author colleague Jack McDaniel. Purple Hearted Man is scheduled to release in early 2020, with the audiobook version dropping later that summer. That said, I'd like you to meet the book's protagonist: Purple.

Purple has a difficult job: He was placed here to take down the One-Eyed God. It’s his mission and he won’t fail. It’s a lonely road for someone like him—a healer—but he has help. The hippies are his friends: Chloe the yogi, Wheat the candlestick maker, and Berrydream, who is in retail. And he has his tribe: Charlotte, Stranger and Jackson. Eventually, the tigers that roam the city might become allies, too. Who can say, tigers are fickle.

The One-Eyed God is nefarious and powerful. His agents lurk everywhere and the aliens are certainly up to no good. Even the one called Sister can't be trusted.

But the universe is wise and has given Purple skills. Getting control of his invisibility will help, but that only matters as long as molecular cohesion is maintained. Most of all, though, Purple has purpose and, of course, he has his broom.

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