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Better late than never...

Or so the saying goes. It is in that vein I’m proud to announce the paperback versions of Cerulean Rising: Beginnings and Cerulean Rising: Evolutions are now available on Amazon. Yes it’s true the e-book versions of each dropped way back in 2013 and 2016 respectively, but the paperback versions languished in literary limbo while ownership and intellectual property rights issues were amicably settled. That done, I was able to move forward and finish the paperback versions I now present to you.

The audiobook version of Beginnings (narrated and produced by yours truly) is also available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Evolutions has now resumed audiobook production after going on hiatus while I produced an audiobook for another author. Are you taking notes on this? There’s a quiz at the end you know. So for my friends, fans, and colleagues who prefer to have their hands around a real live book instead of flipping through an electronic device – what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading!

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