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Back to the Booth!

New year. New book. Next audio adventure.

December 2018 was a great month with the release of both the audio version of Cerulean Rising, Part I: Beginnings, and my latest paperback/e-book - Microwaves: Short Science Fiction for the Digital Era. I didn’t plan it that way, it was simply a serendipitous coincidence they both finished at approximately the same time.

With 2019 in full swing, it’s time to go Back to the Booth! (queue “Raiders of the Lost Ark” theme.)

Cerulean Rising, Part II: Evolutions, is now on deck for getting the audiobook treatment. Originally published in Jan. 2016, it picks up right where Beginnings leaves off. Now I find myself getting reacquainted with my own story line and characters – and most importantly, how they all sounded.

Beginnings took the greater part of 2018 to turn into an audiobook. I expect Evolutions will be no different since it is slightly longer. But I am getting better and more efficient with every recording and editing session. I’ll keep you posted as production continues. Fortunately, I’m used to endurance races!

Jumping into audiobook narration has been fun and challenging – and I still have much to learn. I look forward to it!

Thanks for listening!

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