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157 hours later...

On September 15, 2019, I began production of the audiobook version of “Purple Hearted Man,” by author Jack McDaniel. This includes all of the narration and sound editing required to upload a finished product to Amazon’s ACX audiobook platform. I finished on April 17, 2020. While eight months to complete a project may seem lengthy, it is only because I squeeze this work in during any schedule “white space” I can beg, borrow or steal. Editing sound while waiting for new tires to be installed on your van also works well.

To date, this is the longest audiobook project I’ve ever completed – with a run time of four hours and 16 minutes for a 20 chapter, 181 page novel. Behind the run time is a total of 157 hours of work, breaking down to 18.75 hours of narration and 138 hours of sound editing (yes, I tracked it all).

The rule of thumb for editing is approximately three hours of editing for every hour of raw audio – so I’m slow. An experienced sound editor knows how to make the editing software do most of the heavy lifting, but I’ll get there.

“Purple Hearted Man” is now available for your listening enjoyment on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

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