Cerulean Rising



Part one of the Cerulean Rising series is now available in audiobook format on Amazon, Audible and iTunes! Listen as the winds of war swirl around Emerson Avery and everyone closest to him.

Emerson was already exceptional, when suddenly, events would conspire to thrust the mantle of leadership into his young hands. Stationed at a secret military facility on the edge of human controlled space, the war was simply a fact of life. But in one fateful moment, Emerson’s world would be torn apart, changing his destiny and the future of the entire galaxy forever.

Soon he will learn that there are natural born leaders, others are forged in the fiery crucible of battle, and in the case of the enigmatic BLUE MONARCHS - some are just built that way.


...a fun, quick read for those who enjoy traditional science fiction. From beginning to end, there is constant suspense and action.



...an intriguing little novella packed full of action. It reads a lot like a screenplay - giving the essentials of plot and character without getting too bogged down in exposition. It's fast, fun and will leave you wanting more.

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